Planerade Kullar

Vi planerar en kull Rhodesian ridgeback valpar sommaren 2021.

Mamma till valparna blir vår helt underbara Adiva, Etanaridge´s Bonemine By Obelix.

Pappa till valparna blir Noah, Saimon´s Pride Never Give Up.

Noah bor i Norge. Ägare är Ann Kristin Wien Stubberud och har kennel Ridgedogs (

Noah är född 16.06.2015 HD: A

ED: 0
Hemophilia b: Clear
EOAD: Clear
Height: 65 cm
Weight: 41 kg

Så här beskriver Ann Kristin honom :

Lovely boy Noah was imported from kennel Saimon’s Praide in Russia. He is one of the happiest RR’s we know. He is never in a bad mood and his tail is constantly wagging. He has such a good temper, he dosent care about anything and goes well with all dogs. He is father to our P-litter and upcoming father to our Q-litter. He is also father to other litters in other kennels in Norway, Finland and Sweden.


Saimon´s Pride Never Give Up